Work at the Academy

Your Quest Awaits!

Interested in joining the Academy team? We're hiring! We're looking for a part-time professor to work Tuesdays and Saturdays from open to close—12PM to 10PM—with a short paid break.

Be sure to read the job posting below, then follow the link at the bottom of the page to apply. To complete your application, you'll need to have a professional resume ready, along with a few short paragraphs about why you want to work at the Academy and your experience with tabletop gaming. Thanks so much for your interest!

Retail Sales Associate



Working at the Adventurers’ Academy, you’ll be part retail associate and part community leader—all while sharing the joy of your favorite hobby, tabletop gaming! Between our retail store and event space, the Academy is often bustling with activity. For our employees, that means balancing the retail basics—stocking, cleaning, and merchandising—with our mission of building connections with everyone who walks through our doors. If that sounds like your kind of quest, we’d love to hear from you!


Our retail sales associates (“professors”) will be trained in the following areas:

  • Customer Service: You’ll offer a warm welcome to every customer. You’ll assist with product recommendations and advice, then finalize purchases at the register. You’ll promote and sell tickets to our in-store events. Above all, you’ll actively engage and connect with our customers about their favorite tabletop games!
  • Cleaning: Taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the floors, etc.—it’s not glamorous, but keeping the Academy clean and tidy is an important part of making sure that our customers feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Stocking & Merchandising: You’ll unload and process incoming inventory, stock the shelves, and help us create engaging and effective retail displays.



Qualified candidates should be 18+ and meet the following requirements:

  • Know the basics. You should have at least one year of experience in retail or customer service.
  • Be a subject matter expert. You should be knowledgeable about at least one of the following games: Magic, Warhammer 40K, D&D, Flesh and Blood, and/or board games—with a willingness to learn more about the others.
  • Be warm, friendly, and courteous.
  • Be conscientious and detail-oriented.
  • Be able to perform the job duties. You should be able to operate a stand, walk, operate a computer, climb, bend, stoop, crouch, and lift heavy objects while completing your daily job duties, with or without accommodation.


Our professors receive:

  • $15/hour
  • Flexible schedule
  • Employee discount (20%)


The Academy is home to a community of diverse experience levels, races, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and abilities. We support inclusion and diversity in our hiring practices, and we expect that our employees will be able to respectfully engage with all members of our community.