About the Academy

Our Quest

We created the Adventurers' Academy because we love tabletop games, and we love sharing them with other people that do, too.

We seek to be a friendly, accessible place for new players to learn more about our favorite hobby. We seek to capture the magic and adventure of tabletop gaming through a storefront that's part medieval tavern and part wizarding school.

Most of all, we seek to be a source of comradery and connection—a community where anyone feels welcome to sit down at the table and pick up the dice.


Meet the Professors



Justin is the keeper of gaming knowledge and a dungeon master extraordinaire. He ardently believes that goblins have French accents and a deep appreciation for high culture.



Kayla is head of arcane technology and design. Her proudest achievement is making an elaborate D&D battle map entirely of gingerbread and candy.



Quinn oversees the day-to-day operations of the Academy from behind the counter. Her favorite pastimes include food, treats, snacks, and stealing the headmaster's hat.